In 1999 I started my professional career and since then I have specialized in juggling, equilibristics and humor. Performing:

  • Street theater shows.
  • Cabarets and circus acts.
  • Multidisciplinary shows from different companies , as an artist.

I have  Performed at:

Royal Albert Hall, National Theatre London , Bristol Old Vic , Dubai City Festival , Fringe Festival of Dublin, Leioa Umore Azoka , Glastombury Festival, Vitoria European Juggling Convention , Abu Dhabi Summer Festival, Ireland International Street theater Competition, Berlin Lacht , Fringe Festival of Edinburgh …

I have the OCR Diploma of Circomedia (British Academy of Contemporary Circus and Pysicall Theatre) , Bristol UK 2004 /05

And I’ve learned from people like:

Leo Bassi , Bim Maison, Michelle Man, Tim Claydon , Fraser Hooper, Hernan Gené, Arkadius Zietek , Jhon Paul Zaccarini , Walter Valaquez , Oscar Dieguez , Rod Laver , Sean Gandini , Luke Wilson , Stefan Sing, Helena Lario, Vassily Protsenko , Bongo Volero , Mike Wright , Liz Hert , Andrés Herrera …



  • EDDY 80 presents THE POWER OF THE 80’S (2014):

This show is one of the most incredible things that has happened in my life. For more info Click here.

  •  MR. GON with THE LOCO SHOW (2007/13):

My first street theater show with which I worked internationally .

Awarded by the National Theater Fresh Faces Founding (London ’07)

2nd Prize International Killarney Festival (Ireland ’08)

1st Prize Luesia Festival (Spain ’13)

  • Artist with INSOMNIA COMPANY (2008/13):

” L’ Amagatll Somnis ” (2011/13): Contemporary circus show, with Alex Bordanova and Victor Garmendia.

“The Dreamers ” (2008 /11): Clubs passing and movement act with Victor Garmendia.

“A favor… hasta de estar en contra” (2008 /13): Street Theater Show with Victor Garmendia.

  • INVISIBLE CIRCUS (2006/13 UK):

This company has had a great influence on me as an artist and person. I have worked in various productions of Invisible Circus:

“The Road to Nowhere”, “Cabaret Clandestino”, “The Ghost Town”, “Carnyville”, “God Save the Dream”, “The Combustion Club”…

  • THE CRAZY FIREMEN (2005/08 UK/AE):

Comedy Clubs Passing Act with Sebastien Valade .


London The Show: Multidisciplinary show that spread the emotions of life in London.


Instant Acts: Artists from around the world performing in prisons and underprivilaged populations aiding in the fight against racism.


Circus Rocks: Circus Show based around amusing pre-historic themes.


Skype advertising campaign in all 5 continents. I was the image for Europe, I realized my artistic interventions in Barcelona.


Short projects that I have enjoyed many great moments.

PerrAkos SoundSystem (2013/14 SPAIN): Dj ‘s Comedy Set, with Suso Imbernon.

The Flavinsky Brothers (GERMANY 2011 ): Live music and circus with Björn Sauer.

The BarStars (2013 UK): Bottle manipulation act with Raul Garcia.

Missing You (2005 UK) : Handstands, acrobalance and dance with Azucena Fabri.


I started my circus career with Titola Teatre, Alborke Circ, Asociacion Monfeli. I am very grateful to them for introducing me to this wonderful world.