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I love my profession, I work for:

  • Artistic interests
  • A good social or personal cause
  • Payment

My perfect jobs are the ones that mix these 3 situations.

I offer my work around the world and I propose:

Eddy Eighty:

  • The Power of the 80’s: For festival’s, theatre’s, events … adaptable to different lengths.
  • Variety Acts: Eighty Eddy is happy performing in Cabarets as his father did. He has different numbers: “Flash Dance,” “Michael Jackson”, “My First Concert” and “80’s Equilibristics”, all of them with a powerfull opening.
  • Cabaret Compere:  He loves to be the Master of Ceremonies, his charismatic character gives rhythm and power to the main show.
  • Eddy as character: He likes to get involved in other shows or projects. Anything that offer’s him the chance to contect and have fun he will be there!

Gonzalo Santamaria:

  •  Artist: Throughout my career I have worked with several people and different companies. I am always open to new proposals
  • Creative Producer: I really love making and working on artistic projects. I offer myself as a director, co-ordinator or member of any team that offers something interesting and makes me grow as a person.
  • Teacher: I am passionate about education and I am constantly working to pass on my knowledge. I offer Masterclasses of juggling, equilibristics, and show conception.

 Perrakos Soundsystem:

 A Party-show for adult audiences, I am  DJ Jhonny Perrako!!

We play music with video projections and people can enjoy watching their favorite songs. We have our own projections and music videos.

At the same time we dance, present the songs, do choreographies, karaoke, games, competitions, open stage and we invite special guests.

We want audiences to enjoy the show as if they are children, making them lose their sense of the ridiculous and reminise their deepest memories.

We use all kinds of music styles and the show is focused on a diverse audience.