Here are some photos from our tour:

We love to combine the circus with the lights and projections

Great time in the backstage

Publicity in the streets

Great Theaters,(this one is Teatre Principal València)

We did a Temazo workshop in La Granja-Tenerife

Circus is not just perform

And always Save The Temazo is a huge party

Eddy Eighty Best Show Festiclown 21

Very happy to announce that EDDY EIGHTY has taken the AUDIENCE AWARD for the best show Festiclown 21 !! I am very grateful that a festival with such a long history where so many incredible artists have passed recognized me with this prize.

Best Show Festiclown 21-2

18 August «The Power of the 80´s» Festaclown 21 Villagarcia de Arousa

5,7 August «The Power of the 80´S» Castro Festival in Valencia

Corona Tour 2020

Corona Tour 2020

20 December «The Power of the 80´s» Gandia

28,29 November «Save The Temazo» Encesa de Llums Mallorca

En las alturas

With Giorgio and Ximo in the Sky

8 November “The Power of the 80´s” in Alaquàs Valencia

18 October “The Power of the 80´s” Festival colors Teatre Tama Aldaia

16 October “Save The Temazo” in Festival Mostra Castellón

10 October “Save The Temazo” in Amposta Catalunya


Audience love Save The Temazo

26,27 September “The Power of the 80´s” La Mercè Barcelona

La Mercè

Eddy Eighty La Mercé

19 September “The Power of the 80´s” in Gandia

10 September “Save The Temazo” in La Marina Valencia

Eddy STT

My new character «Boney»

5 September “Save The Temazo” in Fira de Circ La Bisbal

28, 29 August “Save The Temazo” in Ciudad Rodrigo


Jump for the Temazos

25 August “Save The Temazo” in Villena

23 August “The Power of the 80´s” in Higueruelas Valencia

22 August “The Power of the 80´s” in Riba-Roja Valencia

24 July Gonzalo Santamaria in 3˚Nit de Circ Casa Mediterraneo Alicante

Nit Alicante

3°Nit de Circ in Alicante Reactivem

23 July Gonzalo Santamaria in 3˚Nit de Circ Teatro Principal Castellón

22 July Gonzalo Santamaria in 3˚Nit de Circ Teatro Principal Valencia

Teatro Principal valencia Nit

Covid can´t STOP us

19 July “Save The Temazo” in Xàtiva

17 July “Save The Temazo” in Xirivella

STT Xirivella

Save The Temazo on the sky

12 July “Save The Temazo” in Picassent

10 July “Save The Temazo” in Olot Catalunya

STT Olot

Back to the Road with Save The temazo

1 July “The power of the 80´s” in Oropesa del Mar

Intensive Creation Time

Auttum 19 and winter 20 will be special. I´ll be creating a new show «SAVE THE TEMAZO» with Col·lecitu F.R.È.N.E.T.I.C. founded by Atempo Circ, Les Dessous de Barbara, Terratrèmol Films and Gonzalo Santamaria.

I go to be full time rehearsing and practicing for the premier in April 2020.

 Felices Fiestas

And of course some gigs between rehearsals:

15 February “The power of the 80´s” in Kafre Teatre Picassent

Kafre Teatre Eddy

Winter Festivals! Love It!

8 February “Perrakos Soundsystem” Secret Location Party

PerrAkos Mounstrous

PerrAkos Moster Party,(last party before PerrKos before PAndemic)

17 January “Save The Temazo” in Circoteca Tarragona

15 December Eddy Eighty as compere in dinner show Barcelona

13 December Eddy Eighty as compere in dinner show Murcia

3 November «The Power of the 80´s» in Ademuz

Eddy Family

It´s lovely to travel with the family

19 October “The power of the 80´s” 3˚Nit de Circ Alicante

Eddy Nit de Circ

A special event in our Circus Comunity. It´s a pleaure to perform with Eddy in Nit de Circ

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