Lovely Time Between Summers

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24 to 28 April Gonzalo is the general coordinator with Cesar Garcia and Hector Rodriguez of the second International Circus Festival of Valencia “CONTORTIONS”

61038679Eddy Eighty in No Solo Circus

Contortions Festival 2019

16 April “The Power of the 80´s” in Sollana,(Valence)

23 March “PerrAkos SoundSystem” Festival Malabares in Tenerife,(Spain)

54730270Eddy Eighty in No Solo Circus

I love PerrAkos SoundSystem

2 March The premier of the show Vitruvio by Jc MArgallo and Due de Duende of “My Circus ball is going away” directed by Gonzalo Santamaria

73310606Eddy Eighty in No Solo Circus

26 January “Eddy Eighty” as compere in the AVC Gala Show of Kaotik Circus in Sot de Chera,(Spain)

49712719Eddy Eighty in No Solo Circus

My favorite winter festival!! A village full of Circus and Fire!!

5 January “The Classic Christmas 3 Kings Walkabout” This is the first time I performed juggling in front of an audience… 20 YEARS AGO!!

2 January “The Power of the 80´s” in Barakaldo,(País Vasco)

17 to 23 December “Save the Temazo” is back on rehearsals,(Valence)

48395975January  “The Classic Christmas

We wish you Happy Christmas

14 December “The Power of the 80´s” cabaret act in Palacio Congresos,(Castellon)

9 December “The Power of the 80´s” in Olba,(Teruel)

70026450January  “The Classic Christmas

17 November Gonzalo as stage manager of second Nit de Circ APCCV in Castellón,(Spain)

46502231January  “The Classic Christmas

5 to 11 November First Rehearsal week of Col.lectiu F.R.E.N.E.T.I.C in Valencia

Since the last summer, Gonzalo started to create a new company calls Col.lectiu F.R.E.N.E.T.I.C founded by Atempo Circ, Les Dessous de Barbara, Terratrèmol Films and Gonzalo Santamaria.
We are currently developing our debut show “SAVE THE TEMAZO”

45561410January  “The Classic Christmas

The members of Save the Temazo: Suso Imbernon, Gonzalo Santamaria, Jimena Cavalletti,(director), Marilen Ribot, Matias Marré and Raul Garcia.

25 October New Project is coming “SAVE THE TEMAZO” Gonzalo Santamaria is presenting the project in the Spanish Circus Business Fair CircoRed and CircoredMArket

44825739Matias Marré and Raul Garcia

20 October “The Power of the 80´s” Valencirc and Valencia Festivals,(Spain)

14 October to 2 of March Gonzalo is directing the company “Se me va la bola circus” with his show “Viruvio”

53506342Matias Marré and Raul Garcia

A big pleasure to be part of this project

12 October “Eddy Eighty as compere” in the Gala Show- Festival Valencirc,(Spain)

43787981Matias Marré and Raul Garcia

Great to be back in my home town!! Valencia loves Circus!!

28 September “The Power of the 80´s” Bellreguard-Valencia,(Spain)


Here are some photos from our tour: We love to combine the circus with the lights and projections Great time in the backstage Publicity in the streets Great Theaters,(this one is Teatre Principal València) We did a Temazo workshop in La Granja-Tenerife Circus is not...

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