Intensive Creation Time

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Auttum 19 and winter 20 will be special. I´ll be creating a new show «SAVE THE TEMAZO» with Col·lecitu F.R.È.N.E.T.I.C. founded by Atempo Circ, Les Dessous de Barbara, Terratrèmol Films and Gonzalo Santamaria.

I go to be full time rehearsing and practicing for the premier in April 2020.

 Felices Fiestas

And of course some gigs between rehearsals:

15 February “The power of the 80´s” in Kafre Teatre Picassent

Kafre Teatre Eddy

Winter Festivals! Love It!

8 February “Perrakos Soundsystem” Secret Location Party

PerrAkos Mounstrous

PerrAkos Moster Party,(last party before PerrKos before PAndemic)

17 January “Save The Temazo” in Circoteca Tarragona

15 December Eddy Eighty as compere in dinner show Barcelona

13 December Eddy Eighty as compere in dinner show Murcia

3 November «The Power of the 80´s» in Ademuz

Eddy Family

It´s lovely to travel with the family

19 October “The power of the 80´s” 3˚Nit de Circ Alicante

Eddy Nit de Circ

A special event in our Circus Comunity. It´s a pleaure to perform with Eddy in Nit de Circ

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