Winter Time in Comunidad Valenciana!!

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I love the weather, the people, the food… and of corse the Valencia AUDIENCE!!

Eddy Eighty will be performing around Comunidad Valenciana:

13 December Valencia- Parque de Cabecera with AVC

20 December Valencia- Parque de Cabecera with AVC

24 December Torreblanca- Castellon

27 December Valencia- Plaza del Ayuntamiento

3 January Burjassot- Casa de la Cultura

10 January Valencia- Parque de Cabecera

31 January Valencia- Plaza del Ayuntamiento

And PerrAkos SoundSystem:

31 December Manises-Valencia

Winter Time!! 2024 Starts!!

20- 04 SAVE THE TEMAZO Circus Day celebration in Festival 21 Distritos MADRID/VILLA DE VALLECAS 13-04 SAVE THE TEMAZO Espai Ter TORROELLA-CATALUNYA Thanks to everone who makes possible Save the Temazo!! Big Family!! 30-03 PERRAKOS SOUNDSYSTEM private party,(secret...

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